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by Symbiotic

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Core [2020] 04:21
Vampiric kisses stole my strength from within My time was wasted by your stealthy invasion Sensual seduction You laid your trap with your liquid eyes [with your liquid eyes] Insatiable siege, you've broken me down You're my desert, I am your summer storm Sensual reduction You clipped my wings, I am earthbound from the skies [i am earthbound from the skies] My will is broken, you cut me to the core [with your liquid eyes] You pour yourself, you've sunk into every pore [you made me realize] I never wanted to walk in through your door [i am earthbound from the skies] You're never content, you've always wanted more [you've broken me down before] I never wanted for this to be total war [i am earthbound from the skies] You're never content, you've broken me down before [you've broken me down before]
Night falls when I close my eyes, I drift away Reality born from pain far, far away What is a dream? What is real? In the end, does it even matter? Another night, another life Another death, the other side Awakened hope, perpetual existence Forget the pain of the world Floating endless on a sea of tears Come inside, dreams subside If life’s a dream, what happens when I die? Haunt of the Hightower Will our love survive this dawn Haunt of the Hightower Above the cities I float Risen from the ashes Fires invent, destroy the towers Each star, each vision, I travel at the speed of thought I am my love for you, warmth is comfort in my arms Will my ghost cry for you from the afterlife? Will our love survive?
Fight with futility Beyond any reason, beyond all doubt Lose touch with reality Adrift on a stormy sea, flirt with insanity My eyes can't focus, mind grows numb Teetering on the edge of despair It's all happening at once It's all happening at once I am disintegrated Obliterated Falling apart Until I turn my back on you Emancipated Driven to the edge of truth Falling down I've nothing left to lose Writhe in agony Beyond any reason, beyond all doubt Lose faith in humanity Dive in the gaping breach, find not what you seek My eyes can't focus, mind grows numb Whispering thoughts of despair It's all happening now It's all happening now
Glass Eagle 04:15
Shattered into fifty shards Divisions built on fear Extinguish the brightest stars Phantom enemies appear Empires bloat on greed Growth at any cost Only the lies are free Paradise lost Hate divides us Fed by ignorance Walls are hardened hearts Killers, guns ablaze Walls can’t save us from ourselves


released May 15, 2020

music + mixing: james francis
lyrics + vox: gus yoo
vox (disintegrated): kaliss
mastering: matt collins


all rights reserved



Symbiotic New York, New York

Symbiotic transcends genres with an eclectic style ranging from harsh ebm to lush trip-hop. Like their namesake, they experiment with hybrids, forming symbiotic relationships between traditional styles, mixing everything they love about electronic music into a cohesive sound. Symbiotic is: gus yoo [aka azraeltrigger], james z., and kaliss Additional keyboards and backing vocals: don benich ... more

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